Latest App Released: TeneoMobile

Last week we released our latest app, TeneoMobile [iTunes link], a virtual assistant iPhone app we built for Artificial Solutions.  The app allows you to have a regular conversation with Sol, the company’s 23 century virtual assistant, who can answer every question you throw at her.

TeneoMobile nicely integrates with the iPhone’s core features: Maps, Safari, Calendar, Telephony and Mail – be sure to check out the free download.

Using the very latest in Natural Language Processing & Computational Linguistics, Sol can help you with any queries regarding our company and its software products.

Her advanced intelligence and natural language capability mean she can instantly respond to questions (even the misspelt or ambiguous ones), just like a human conversation.  You can also interrupt her, ask about something completely different and then return to your original question and she won’t bat a (virtual) eyelid, picking up where you left off, every time.