New App Released: Cancer Management Handbook

The Cancer Management Handbook was another project for UBM Medica. We worked with their team to produce this rich, multi-media handbook for cancer-care clinicians.  The handbook includes over 3000 pages of the latest medical research allowing Oncology professionals to quickly locate up to the minute cancer care information.

The app has many of the same features found in the popular iBook format:

  • Auto-suggest search
  • Embedded galleries
  • Fullscreen zoom for images and annotations
  • Pinch/spread zoom to adjust text size
  • Intra chapter navigation
  • Tap to favourite text at the paragraph level
  • Inline video
  • Offline browsing

In addition the app supports the following features:

  • Automatic updating of content from the server
  • Content preview for unsubscribed users
  • Auto-renewing annual subscriptions
  • Logins for time-limited previews
  • Browseable bookmarks that persist through content updates