Latest Version of Doris Desktop Available on the Mac AppStore

Posted on August 22, 2012

After 17 days in review the latest version of Doris Desktop finally went live a few days ago in the Mac AppStore.

Check out the web page for a full list of features, screenshots and keyboard shortcuts. The new version of Doris has many improvements over its predecessor (which has now been discontinued).

This Mac version of Doris remains the best way to manage your tasks, todos and notes and the iPhone app is currently being updated to bring it up to speed, a new release will be available in the next few weeks.

The main improvements include:

  • Search
  • iCal integration
  • Estimate task times
  • Flags for Important and Today (tasks remain in their groups and can also be marked as Important or for Today)
  • Improved keyboard shortcuts
as well as many bug fixes and UI improvements.
More features are planned and the next release is already under development.  Using the Mac appstore means you get notified as soon as improvements are available, and have the convenience of 1-click upgrades.

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