App Guidelines

This page summarises how you can help us by preparing your creative material to be ready for use within the app.


Only certain fonts are available on the iPhone and iPad – click here for full details.

Images Sizes

Here’s a guide to all the sizes of the minimum required graphics for an iOS app.  Click for a larger version.  Some more info is available here and here.  iOS7 specific guidelines are available here.

Video Sizes

Please provide all videos sized to 480×320 pixels and encoded in H.264 or MPEG-4 in .mp4, .mov or .m4v formats.

App Names

What is the character limit for the app name on the iPhone?  12-14 characters (in bundle display name in .plist file which will be displayed on your iPhone under your application).  Since Apple doesn’t use a fixed-width font for Springboard items the exact number varies depending which letters you use.

Using HTML

You can provide HTML pages to be used in your app that include CSS.  Here is an emulator to give you an idea how the page will look mobile Safari.