Here’s a selection of apps we’ve built for our customers.  We’ve also done a few in-house.

Chanel j12 Moonphase Watch iPad app

Mar 2013 – iPad

This was another project done in collaboration with Hi-ReS! London.  The j12 Moonphase iPad app is an in-store sales aid made specifically for demonstrating the advanced features of the j12 Moonphase watch line.  Unfortunately the app is not available on the AppStore but you can watch a demo of the features:

The app has the following features:

  • gallery view showing Moonphase line, detail zoom and additional detail on each watch
  • an interactive wizard to setting the moon’s current phase on the watch
  • detailed technical specs
  • additional info in a password protected area of the app

Dolce & Gabbana, virtual watch

August 2012 – iPhone

WatchesBuilt for Dolce & Gabbana in collaboration with Hi-ReS! London, the Watches app is an analog watch that allows you to swipe through all of the watch faces in D&G’s latest line of luxury timepieces.

The app has the following features:

  • analog time with 3 watch faces
  • multiple alarms with system sounds or iPod music
  • alarm repeat and snooze
  • stopwatch
  • timer


Cancer Management Handbook, medical handbook

June 2012 – iPad

smartfeetThe Cancer Management Handbook was another project for UBM Medica. We worked with their team to produce this rich, multi-media handbook for cancer-care clinicians.  The handbook includes over 3000 pages of the latest medical research allowing Oncology professionals to quickly locate up to the minute cancer care information.

The app has many of the same features found in the popular iBook format:

  • Auto-suggest search
  • Embedded galleries
  • Fullscreen zoom for images and annotations
  • Pinch/spread zoom to adjust text size
  • Intra chapter navigation
  • Tap to favourite text at the paragraph level
  • Inline video
  • Offline browsing

In addition the app has the following features:

  • Automatic updating of content from the server
  • Content preview for unsubscribed users
  • Auto-renewing annual subscriptions
  • Logins for time-limited previews
  • Context sensitive banner ads
  • Browseable bookmarks that persist through content updates



Smartfeet London Tours

Feb 2012 – iPhone

smartfeetSmartfeet is a feature-rich, multimedia guided tour app for London. It features hundreds of points of interest, tours, historic information, photos with hotspots, narrated videos and annotated maps to guide London tourists in their discovery of the city.

  • Augmented reality views
  • Photo galleries with hotspots
  • Maps and location services with routing
  • Searching filtering
  • Custom video player with subtitles, audio stream and transitions
  • Photobooth image merging
  • Social media integration
  • XML API integration
  • Offline caching
  • In App purchase
  • GPS location fencing



TeneoMobile, personal assistant

June 2011 – iPhone

teneomobileCreated for Artificial Solutions, Teneomobile is a virtual assistant in the spirit of Siri and was released 6 months before her. Integrated with the company’s amazing artificial intelligence backend, you can ask Sol any question and she’ll respond with a spoken, intelligent answer. The app includes deep integration with iOS services like email, phone, SMS, calendar and maps.  For more info see the dedicated website.

  • Virtual assistant knowledge base integration
  • Nuance speech recognition integration
  • Nuance text-to-speech integration
  • Custom video player for avatar
  • Deep iOS integration



Kings and Queens by David Starkey

Feb 2011 – Universal

starkeyCreated for Harper Collins, the Kings and Queens universal app features interactive timelines of the history of the British monarchy, family trees, maps and video commentary by David Starkey, the renowned British historian. Another #1 app (in Books), Kings and Queens was also featured by Apple in What’s Hot and App of the Week.

  • Interactive timeline
  • Hundreds of embedded videos
  • 500 page interactive e-book
  • Interactive family trees
  • Integrated historic maps
  • HTTP live streaming of Royal Wedding



AV Magazine

Feb 2011 – iPad

avmagAV Mag is a beautiful iPad magazine app with a host of e-reader and subscription features. This white label app, built for Metropolis Publishing, allows readers to view and download any numbers of issues of a particular title. Once downloaded, issues can be read offline, and include inline video, pinch to zoom text sizing, intuitive navigation through magazine sections and social media integration. Unlike typical iPad mags where issues are a 50-500mb download per issue, AV Mag packs in full multimedia issues in less than 1mb.

  • CMS integration
  • XML content serialisation
  • CoreText integration
  • Offline caching
  • Social media integration
  • Inline video
  • In App Purchase
  • Login for previous subscribers



Budapest Airport, flight search

Nov 2010 – iPhone

flightimesAnother UBM app, this time for UBM Aviation, Flightimes is a full-featured flight schedules and status app. The white label solution integrates with live OAG flight data using a SOAP web service, and allows customers to search multi-stop routes around the globe, and check up-to-the-minute flight status times. We also built a 3d interactive globe plotted with 12k airports allowing users to tap arrival and departure locations and get schedule times.

  • SOAP API integration
  • Searching filtering
  • OpenGL interactive globe
  • Ability to save favourite flights



CliniCal, medical calculators

Oct 2010 – iPhone

clinicalWorking with UBM Media, part of the UBM conglomerate, we updated this app adding features for registration, login and user analytics. CliniCal, which features 132 medical calculators, stayed at the #1 position in the Medical category for many weeks.

  • REST registration and login
  • Social network integration
  • Created help instructional section



EDF Energy, meter reader

Sept 2010 – iPhone

edf_energyWorking with Accenture we created a powerful app for EDF Energy that allows customers to monitor their electricity and gas accounts and submit readings. The app is used daily by tens of thousands of customers.

  • SOAP API integration
  • Secure management of customer data
  • Integration with multiple EDF accounts
  • Support for legacy data and backend systems
  • Complex validation and business logic



4Beauty, fashion discovery

July 2010 – iPhone

4beautyWe created this fashion app for Channel 4’s 4Beauty brand that features well-known celebs Gok Wan and Brix Smith-Start. The app allows shoppers to browse through tens of thousands of items of clothing, footwear and fashion accessories using data from the ShopStyle API.

  • REST with ShopStyle API integration
  • Find my Body Shape tool
  • Tens of categories with thousands of items
  • Searching filtering
  • Share and buy merchandise
  • Save favourite fashion ideas



eCourier, live delivery tracking

May 2010 – iPhone

ecourierThe eCourier app was the first app in the UK to feature realtime courier tracking for deliveries in London. Corporate clients use the app to keep track of tens of bike, car and van routes daily, with the courier position updated on screen in realtime.

  • REST API integration
  • Maps and GPS integration
  • Live View of Multi-drop delivery stats
  • Ability to view actual proof of delivery documents
  • Save favourite delivery routes
  • Postcode search
  • In App Analytics



Search Medica, medical dictionary

Feb 2010 – iPhone

search_medicaThe Search Medica app is an elegant frontend interface to a huge medical database.  The app allows users to run queries which are executed against a REST API, returning detailed and extensive results.  Search terms can optionally be filtered against numerous channels, and return paginated results.  A list of recent searches can be re-run through new channels.  A detailed Help section provides a slideshow of user-friendly steps on how to use the application.

  • REST API integration
  • Accelerometer
  • Action history
  • Inline help
  • Graceful offline degradation



Book of Green, ethical business search

Dec 2009 – iPhone

book_of_greenThe Book of Green iPhone app is directory of eco-friendly businesses in the UK.  When you launch the app you are presented with 20 categories of environmentally friendly businesses in your local area.  The app lets you tweet about a business, or post it to your Facebook wall.  Once you’ve located a business of interest, you can view its location on the inline map, relative to your current location.  An aggregate blog feed of important green and ethical news sources is fed live into the app.

  • Social network integration with Facebook and Twitter
  • Geo-location
  • Inline Google maps integration
  • Aggregated blog feed
  • Forward geocoding
  • Graceful offline degradation



Crush Tools, art direction utility

Sept 2009 – iPhone

crushThe Crush Tools app is designed to help media creatives successfully frame their TV and film commercials in the ever changing world of multiple formats.  The app comes with a library of grids and guides to help the user understand what part of the shot will actually make it onto the big screen or television.

  • Camera integration
  • YouTube integration
  • Photo library
  • WordPress blog integration
  • Server driven content



Field Studies Guides, reference

Aug 2009 – iPhone

field_studies_guidesThe Field Studies Guides app will help you identify what’s buzzing round your garden.  The app allows you to purchase and download a series of nature guides, each with a range of colour images, notes and background information on a variety of common species.  The content is server-based in a simple XML format that allows an unlimited number of guides to be developed.  The search feature allows admins to filter content based on custom-defined attributes and values.

  • In-app payments
  • Remote data integration
  • Powerful search filters
  • Inline help
  • Data caching for offline usage



Hills & Dales, virtual guided tours

July 2009 – iPhone

hills_and_dalesThe Hills & Dales app presents a guided tour of the Hills & Dales Estate, the historic home of the Fuller E. Callaway Family in LaGrange, Georgia.  The app uses a generic XML format to store tours our the server, with any number of stops.  Each stop contains text, graphics and audio and is downloaded to the device for offline playback.  The tour mimics the familiar controls of the iPod app, allowing the user to play, pause, and shuffle through stops at his/her own speed.  As the data is server based the content is easily updatable.  Deployed as an Ad Hoc distribution.

  • Audio streaming
  • Server driven content
  • MediaPlayer implementation
  • Data caching for offline usage