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Read Later for iPhone

Read Later allows you to save web pages to your iPhone/iPod touch that have been tagged in Delicious for offline reading.

appstoreIf you’ve applied a “to_read” tag to any of your bookmarks in  DeliciousRead Later will find these items and save them to your iPhone for offline reading.

Once you’ve read the items offline, Read Later will update your Delicious account removing the relevant “to_read” tags.


  • All web pages are cleaned and stripped of irrelevant adverts for easy reading on the iPhone.
  • Store hundreds of  webpages on your iPhone
  • Read Later remembers which article your were last reading
  • Sync your iPhone with your Delicious account to get our latest bookmarks

Read Later makes it a pleasure to catch up on all your outstanding web reading.

Key Benefits

Use Read Later to improve your productivity in the following ways:

  • Read Later works how you work: with over 1.5 million “to_read” and similar tags on Read Later adapts to the way you work
  • iPhone is the best device for web reading: no ads, nothing flashing, no instant messenger or new email beeps; the iPhone is one of the few places where you can read your online material in a relaxing and undistracted manner
  • Optimise your dead time: make the most of your time while traveling from A to B, on the bus, in the metro, stuck in a queue, etc.  Have your most interesting reading material to hand with Read Later.

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