Our Services

Product Consulting & UX Design

Whether you’re developing a concept or improving an existing product, we can lend our expertise to your project.

iPhone & iPad Development

Seagull Systems AchievementsSeagull Systems is a registered and authorised iOS developer in the Apple development program with access to resources, information and development tools only available to members.

Our iPhone and iPad development service focuses on delivering 3 main benefits to clients:

  • robust code so our apps are resistant to crashing and screens load quickly
  • high quality and sleek user interfaces that are fun and exciting to use
  • continuous feedback during project iterations delivering results on time and on budget


AppStore Insight

We also have extensive experience in all the areas of expertise required for launching and maintaining an iPhone or iPad app:

  • helping our customers get setup and ready to sell in the AppStore
  • creating free versions of apps to drive traffic
  • implementing in app purchases to build revenue
  • optimising release cycles in the AppStore for maximum downloads
  • creating punchy, relevant copy for your apps in iTunes
  • researching and overtaking competitors
  • tracking downloads, ranking and in-app user activity

Technical Expertise

  • Native application development
  • Social network integration with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others
  • Client-server applications with server side components
  • Audio and video streaming
  • Incorporating full iPhone featureset, ie, multi-touch, accelerometer, audio, geo-location, in-app payments, instant notifications
  • Support for internationalization
  • Strict adherence to Apple Human Interface Guidelines


In just the last year we’ve achieved some outstanding milestones with our iPhone apps

  • We hit #1 in the Books and Medical categories with Kings & Queens and Clinical, respectively
  • Our My High Street app shot to #2 in the Navigation category only a few days after launch.  The app stayed there for for 3 weeks and continues to attract hundreds of downloads per day.
  • Our Doris app was selected by Apple as the featured app for a week in April of this year – we did 35k downloads that week!

Web APIs

Almost all our apps interface with web APIs so we have extensive experience building and integrating with web services.  If you need a standalone web API or a backend for your mobile or web-based offering, please get in touch.