Login problems fixed with Read Later app

There was an issue with the new Yahoo login feature on our Read Later app, this is now fixed since our latest update went live in the App Store last night.

Yahoo had changed the HTML on their login page which we scrape to allow for easy logins from our app.  The fix, which consisted in changing one line of HTML, took over a week to be accepted by Apple!

Apologies for the inconvenience.

Update for Read Later released

On April 8th 2010 we released a major update for our Read Later iPhone app.  Users will happy to hear you can now login to the app either with your Yahoo ID, or a Delicious ID.

As some users may be aware, in the last few months Delicious has changed its account creation policy and now you may only create new accounts using a Yahoo ID.  Existing Delicious accounts are still functional, and those users may optionally migrate their account to be Yahoo ID based.

Some other exciting features that made it into this release:

  • you can now view original webpage saved, as well as the offline version
  • we implemented a rotation lock for those who prefer a specific device orientation
  • shake to update: shake your iPhone to check for new links added to Delicious
  • the swipe to delete animation was improved